Sep 2, 2019
Oskorei Midvinter Festival IX


SHINING will return to perform the first ceremony since 6 long years on Ukrainian soil, headlining the OSKOREI MIDVINTER FESTIVAL in Kiev.

This magical event is being held at the Bingo Club on the 7th of December. Needless to say, attendance is obligatory!


Jul 9, 2019
Shining / SRD Split CD

Finally, LEGIONS managed to get a shipment of the limited edition split CD with SHINING and Slovenian SRD! The can be bought from the webshop as off today, both regular edition and signed copies are available.

Get your copy now at:


Jun 23, 2019
The Third Enemy

Its about time that we introduce you to one the most important members of SHINING: Markus Rödl, or "The Sentinel", who usually execute his work behind the curtains, but is THE ONE who makes everything work both on and off stage and usually is the one in charge. One year in, many more to come...

Photo by Christoph Kaltenböck

Mar 29, 2019
Submit To Self-Destruction Bundle

Ogino Design have made a special shirt design, which will be sold exclusively on PRE-ORDER in either a bundle package, together with the upcoming ”Submit To Self-Destruction ” 7”, or separately.

This design will ONLY be available for pre-order and never be reprinted again.
So, if you want one, make sure to order as soon as possible…

You can choose between a bundle package, including either the white or black vinyl version, or order the shirt separately.

Available at

Feb 28, 2019
23 Years Have Passed Since The Funeral...

THE SINISTER INITIATIVE, Niklas Kvarforths own label, are re-issuing the debut single ”Submit To Self-Destruction” in May, remastered by Kvarforth and Andy La Rocque. Apart from the exclusive Legions version in white, that has already been announced, you can now pre-order 4 new ones in black, transparent, purple and splatter vinyl. As always with these limited vinyl editions, we strongly recommend you to place your order as soon as possible as they tend to sell out quickly.

The following are now available for pre-order at:

Shining ”Submit To Self-Destruction” 7” BLACK (limited to 400 copies)
Shining ”Submit To Self-Destruction” 7” WHITE (limited to 237 copies)
Shining ”Submit To Self-Destruction” 7” TRANSPARENT (limited to 263 copies)
Shining ”Submit To Self-Destruction” 7” PURPLE (limited to 300 copies)
Shining ”Submit To Self-Destruction” 7” SPLATTER (limited to 300 copies)

Support the band by ordering directly from Legions!

Feb 13, 2019
European Tour 2019

Shining European tour dates announced. Shining's shows will be longer-than-usual, and the main, and only, support, will be Srd.

15.05.2019 - Oberhausen (DE) - Helvete
16.05.2019 - Paris (FR) - Nouveau Casino
17.05.2019 - Nantes (FR) - Le Ferrailleur
19.05.2019 - Grenoble (FR) - L'Ampérage
20.05.2019 - Toulouse (FR) - Connexion Live
21.05.2019 - Madrid (ES) - Caracol
22.05.2019 - Barcelona (ES) - Bóveda
23.05.2019 - Marseille (FR) - Jas Rod
24.05.2019 - Verona (IT) - Pika Future Club
25.05.2019 - Bologna (IT) - Alchemica Music Club
26.05.2019 - Munich (DE) - Backstage
27.05.2019 - Kranj (SL) - TrainSation SubArt
28.05.2019 - Vienna (AT) - Viper Room
29.05.2019 - Budapest (HU) - Blue Hell
30.05.2019 - Krakow (PL) - Zet Pe Te Club
31.05.2019 - Poznan (PL) - U Bazyla
01.06.2019 - Leipzig (DE) - Hellraiser Club
02.06.2019 - Erfurt (DE) - Club From Hell
03.06.2019 - Lyss (CH) - Kulturfabrik KUFA
04.06.2019 - Mannheim (DE) - MS Connexion Complex
05.06.2019 - Copenhagen (DK) - Hotel Cecil
06.06.2019 - Hamburg (DE) - Kronensaal
07.06.2019 - Groningen (NL) - Vera
08.06.2019 - Utrecht (NL) - Helling
09.06.2019 - Kuurne (BE) - Throne Fest


Feb 12, 2019
Incineration Festival 2019

Shining is now confirmed for Incineration Festival. The festival will be held on May 11, 2019. For further festival and ticket information, see the official website below.

Feb 8, 2019
Throne Fest 2019

Shining is now confirmed for Throne Fest. The festival will be held on June 9, 2019. For further festival and ticket information, see the official website below.

Jan 22, 2019
Pink Perdition

5 years ago SHINING LEGIONS printed a pink tanktop and hoodie, which despite being sold out quicker then we ever could have anticipated, was met with hatred and disgust from the "Black Metal" scene. Or rather kids who got uncomfortable with our choice of colour.

Over the years, we have been bombarded with questions from fans, both old and new, if we would ever reprint these. So, here you go...

Available in the webshop now!

Shipping starts next week.


Jan 8, 2019
Thank you for supporting Shining Legions

We’d like to send a huge thanks to all of you, who have supported SHINING LEGIONS this far and will therefore send a free CD and sticker to the first 100 customers, who order from the webshop directly, starting today, the 7th of January 2019.

Dec 3, 2018
Official Shining Posters

We have a small stock of the posters made for the limited LEGIONS vinyl we have released over the last couple of years.

These are now put up in a brand new section in the webshop. Kvarforth also stopped by earlier today and signed a few of them as well. To see which ones we have in stock, pay a visit to our webshop.

Nov 27, 2018
Xmas Orders

Many have been asking LEGIONS about the delivery times for planned Xmas gifts. Place your order before December 7th and you’ll be sure to receive your items by then (if not, your local post offices are to blame). All purchases (PRE-ORDERS excluded) will also come with a set of postcards which are perfect to use when sending holiday death threats to your enemies and loved ones alike.

Nov 25, 2018
"When Prozac No Longer Helps" Restock

The demand for the fourth edition of “When Prozac no Longer Helps” (the blood edition in particular) has been so massive, that we had no choice but to repress it. Kvarforth did however insist on no more than 237 copies and we obliged.

The hardcover edition will be back in stock and ready to ship on Monday, as Niklas needs the weekend to “sign” the blood edition.

Nov 15, 2018
"IX" and "X" CDs Restock

Today SHINING LEGIONS were provided with restocks of the 2 last albums. Versions signed by Kvarforth are available as well, because of the high demand for those we’ve had recently.

Get yours while you can at:

Nov 10, 2018
"Submit To Self-Destruction" Re-Release 2019

We are proud to announce that in April 2019 we will be re-releasing our 1998 debut 7" "Submit to Self-Destruction" through THE SINISTER INITIATIVE. It is being re-mastered by Andy La Roque and comes with updated artwork by Ogino Design.

It will be available in various versions, but SHINING LEGIONS will be releasing a very special Limited Edition of the single on white vinyl. Only 237 copies will be available and will include a book that will be exclusively printed especially for this version. The white vinyl is not being sold separately.


The Pre-Orders are now open in the webshop at Once you have placed your order you will be sent an email with information on where to send your question, and you will be asked whether you want your name and country of origin printed alongside your question. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE SENT BEFORE DECEMBER 31st to give Niklas enough time to answer them all before the book goes to print.

Information about the other versions which, will be sold by THE SINISTER INITIATIVE, will follow next week.

Oct 29, 2018
Halloween Discount

Disciples of the Watch! Now, after you’ve spent the whole weekend dressed up as either a prostitute or Papa Emeritus, drinking and fucking your brains out, it’s time to repent and do some shopping!

Enter the code SAMHAIN at the web shop and you will get a 10% discount on your order, as well as a small Halloween surprise inside your package.

Offer will end on midnight , October 31st.

Photo by: Matthew Ojeda

Sep 12, 2018
Niklas Kvarforth now on Instagram

Strangest news ever posted on a Shining page. Niklas Kvarforth has decided to open a personal Instagram account. Join the madness @kvarforthofficial

Sep 2, 2018
Stockholm Slaughter 2019

Shining is now confirmed for Stockholm Slaughter: Atk III. The festival will be held on April 27, 2019. For further festival and ticket information, see the official website below.

Aug 26, 2018
"The Curse Of Valburga" Pre-Order

Finally ready to take your pre-orders for The Curse Of Valburga!

As you may know, Niklas Kvarforth has been filming a new horror/comedy feature The Curse Of Valburga. The shooting is now complete and you can pre-order the exclusive BlueRay and DVD edition, complete with a signed photograph, only available through Shining Legions.

Jul 24, 2018
Chris Wicked new Single ft. Niklas Kvarforth

For Niklas Kvarforth completists, Norwegian artist Chris Wicked will have a new single out in August which features guest vocals from Niklas.

Jul 5, 2018
The Eagle Has Landed

One of LEGIONS best selling designs of all time, “Eagle”, has finally been reprinted for all the ladies out there on girlie shirts. Both Black and White shirts are now available, as well as a limited edition camouflage print for the coming downfall we’re all praying for.

Check these out and have a look at the rest of the webshop at:

Jul 2, 2018
LICE - An Incubation

10 years ago, when Shining was touring in Spain, a bond was made between frontman Niklas Kvarforth and TEITANBLOOD drummer J, who at the time played in one of the support acts on the bill, a covenant which eventually led to a musical collaboration between the two and guitarist/songwriter Kirill.

LICE will release the debut album "Woe Betide You" via Season Of Piss later this year.

LICE is not a side project of said artists, it is a band.

LICE is not in any way musicaly similar or connected to any of the members other involvements.

LICE will hurt you.

Jun 22, 2018
It Starts To Get Weird

Niklas Kvarforth and Tomaz Gorkic going through the script of the upcoming feature film The Curse of Valburga

Jun 21, 2018
Shining Legions Office Relocation Complete

SHINING LEGIONS have now relocated to their new offices! In a chaotic whirlwind of boxes and packing orders they also decided to reprint the WE ARE THE ENEMY girly tanktop, as seen here worn by Raphaela Karl. Available again in all sizes exclusively from the webshop.

Jun 13, 2018
The Curse of Valburga

Promo video for feature horror black comedy film The Curse of Valburga with Niklas Kvarforth

The Curse of Valburga is a politically incorrect black comedy feature film with an abundance of violence and blood. Inspired by the horror/slasher films of the late 70s and 80s, The Curse of Valburga aims to stay true to the horror genre of the time, providing its viewers not only with shock and tension, but also fun and entertainment. This is a movie from horror fans for horror fans.

This is The Curse of Valburga.


Jun 12, 2018
An Offer You Can't Refuse...

SHINING LEGIONS are relocating to a new office next week and therefore no shipments will be sent out before Monday the following week. We have decided to add a few additional gifts to EVERYONE who place orders (standard and pre-orders), starting today and till the end of next week, to show our appreciation and gratitude for your never-ending help to help SHINING grow. Its basically all thanks to you ordering directly from their webshop!

ALL WHO ORDER BETWEEN Sunday 9th – Sunday 17th will receive 1 sticker, 1 button, 1 set of postcards and a poster free of charge no matter size or type of order.

Shop now at

May 28, 2018
"Oppression" Open For Pre-Orders

This album is a collection of rare recordings and outtakes, mainly from the early days of the band's 20-year career.

The album will be available on Digipak CD, and White or Black LP in a Gatefold jacket this September along the side with some exclusive merchandise. The design of everything was taken care of by Ogino Design, and it will be released from a newly formed label Colourless Art and of course, Shining's official web store Legions. Pre-order your copy now!

Shining (Sweden) - Oppression (2018)

Artwork by Ogino Design


01 Endless Solitude
02 Submit To Self-Destruction
03 Manipulation Session
04 Black Industrial Misery
05 Through Corridors Of Oppression
06 The Claws Of Perdition


White LP with Poster (exclusive to Shining Legions)
Black LP
Digipak CD


May 18, 2018
"Oppression" MMXVIII

To paraphrase Ray Bradbury "something old and wicked this way comes" in the shape of the long-deleted Shining album "Oppression". Set for release in September, "Oppression" will be available in Digipack format, as well as limited edition gatefold vinyl versions in different colours.

"Oppression" will be released on the newly-formed Black Metal label Colourless Art and Shining founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth had this to say about the release:

"For too long, some of my work has been in limbo due to idiotic decisions and the worthless people that proliferate throughout the music industry. And this needs to end here and now. We want our jewels of perdition and the attendant horrific sound to reach all of those who, without Shining's merchandising arm, Legions, cannot get their hands on these without being fobbed off with soulless products of inferior quality, that some outsider has had the nerve to spread without a single thought for our artistic vision."

For those who are not aware of the original album, "Oppression" is a collection of rare recordings and outtakes, mainly from the early days of Shining's twenty two year career. Included are the debut 7", some pre-production songs, weird electronica by Kvarforth, and, most intriguing for any SHINING fans out there, the cream of the crop is the inclusion of the celebrated but obscure studio track "Through Corridors Of Oppression".

Legions will also be issuing their own white vinyl edition of "Oppression" which will include a special poster. Bundles are now available to pre-order from the Legions Webshop.

Order Now:

May 15, 2018
Madrid Is The Dark 2018 / Under The Doom Festivals 2018

Shining has now been confirmed for 2 festivals. One in Spain at Madrid Is The Dark Festival 2018, and in Portugal at Under The Doom Festival 2018. For festivals and tickets information, please see below.

Madrid Is The Dark (Spain):

Under The Doom (Portugal):

Apr 26, 2018
Death Over Drachten

Shining is now confirmed for Death Over Drachten, a warm-up show for Graspop Metal Meeting 2018. The show will be held on June 23. For further information, please see below.

Apr 4, 2018
Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2018

Shining is now confirmed for Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2018 in the Netherlands. We will perform on December 15. For festival and ticket information, please see below.

Mar 27, 2018
Metal Gates Festival 2018

Shining is now confirmed for Metal Gates Festival in Bucharest, Romania on November 16. For festival and ticket information, please see below.

Mar 20, 2018
Motocultor Festival 2018

Shining is now confirmed for Motocultor Festival 2018 which will take place from August 17 to 19 in Saint-Nolff, France. For festival and ticket information, please see below.

Mar 2, 2018
Castle Party 2018

Shining is now confirmed for Castle Party 2018 at Zamek Bolków, Kamienna Góra, Poland. For festival and ticket information, please see below.

Feb 26, 2018
"The Eerie Cold" & "Angst" on Exclusive White Vinyl

Because of both the success and high demand of the white vinyl editions we have done lately, SHINING LEGIONS have listened to your requests and are now proud to announce that we are issuing both masterpieces “III / Angst – Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie” and “IV / The Eerie Cold” on white vinyl as well! Both are limited to 200 copies only and comes with free posters and a sticker. Pre-orders are open now!

Jan 27, 2018
Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2018

Shining has been confirmed for Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2018. For festival and ticket information, please see below.

Jan 18, 2018
Inferno Festival 2018

Shining set to appear at Inferno Metal Festival in Norway on the 29th of March. Tickets and festival information as follows.


Jan 13, 2018
"V - Halmstad" LP Reissue

Eleven years have passed since SHINING blanketed the world in unspeakable darkness with the release of their fifth album ”V / Halmstad”, and in a grand celebration of all that is terrible and appalling, LEGIONS have been given the privilege of issuing a Limited Edition Anniversary Vinyl of this ground-breaking, monumental piece of Black Metal history.

The Gatefold LP features liner notes by both Niklas Kvarforth and the president of Osmose Productions, Herve Herbaut, which, according to the enigmatic frontman, will be a ”fun” way to shed some light on all that supposedly went wrong between band and label during those particularly difficult years in the ever-turbulent career of Shining.

Limited to 200 copies on white vinyl, and including a poster of the album's classic coverart, this cannot be missed out on by any serious fan of the band. The white version will, as always, ONLY be sold through the webshop so make sure to pre-order today! Several bundles and related merchandise are also available, but be sure to act fast as these will most likely go fast!

All Hail Misery!

Jan 5, 2018
"X - Varg Utan Flock" Out Now!

Shining's 10th album "X - Varg Utan Flock" is now officially out worldwide!

The album is available in various formats; Boxset CD, Jewel Case CD, Digipak CD, Gatefold DLP in various colours and Cassette; as well as on all digital platforms.

Grab your copy now at:

Jan 4, 2018
"X - Varg Utan Flock" Full Album Premiere

Season of Mist are now streaming the new Shining album ”X / Varg Utan Flock” in full!

If you are eager to hear what this masterpiece sounds like before Friday, listen here.

Legions still have a small amount of their WHITE VINYLS left in the webshop as well as tons of other related merchandise and bundle packages. Buy now or regret it later.

Album is available on all formats this Friday!

Dec 27, 2017
End Of The Year Sale

Legions are having a end of the year sale which will last till the end of 2017. Just enter the code KATZE upon checkout and you will receive a discount of 15% on your total order at

Dec 26, 2017
Destroy The Holidays!

Legions have received an extra box of Fiende vinyls! Last chance to get yours.

Dec 11, 2017
VI - Klagopsalmer Deluxe LP

After years of requests for a re-release of our sixth album, "Klagopsalmer" on vinyl: Here they are! The records are being printed as we speak and we are now opening up for pre-orders in our webshop.

LEGIONS are following tradition by issuing their very own edition, limited to 100 copies on white vinyl, and also including an exclusive poster not available anywhere else. You may choose between both standard and signed versions, as well as a bundle with a shirt which is solely made for this occassion and will NOT be sold seperately nor printed once the vinyls are gone.

As per usual with these editions, they tend to sell out quickly so be sure to act quickly to avoid missing out and bombarding us with questions if we will repress them, because we won’t.


Dec 8, 2017
Graspop Metal Meeting 2018

Shining has been confirmed for Graspop Metal Meeting 2018. For tickets and further information, visit their official sites below.

Dec 5, 2017
3rd Single Out Now

Season of Mist have debuted another track from Shining's upcoming album "X - Varg Utan Flock". Take a listen. The album and related merch can be pre-ordered at

Dec 3, 2017
A Sinister Alliance

Shining has entered a new endorsment deal with Izo Tattoo in Ljubljana. All Kvarforth's official tattoos will now be done by Iztok Krizan.

If you pass through Slovenia make sure to make an appointment! Hell Kaos!

Dec 1, 2017
Ultraje Magazine December Edition

Niklas Kvarforth is on the cover of the new issue of Ultraje Magazine out 13 December.

Pre-order your copy from their website at:

Nov 29, 2017
"Cold Void" Ready To Take Over Your Lives

Kvarforth has received the DVD's and is currently signing the ones that have been pre-ordered for all you devoted maniacs out there.

If you still haven't ordered yours, do it now at:

Nov 24, 2017
"Fiende" Out Now!


Order Now:

Nov 23, 2017
"Cold Void" Premiere in Sweden

Se till att infinna er på visningen av COLD VOID idag fredag på PSB i Stockholm! Utöver visning och troligen dekadent efterfest gigar även Alfahanne, som om ni inte ännu haft möjlighet att se live, måste uppleva, och om ni redan sett dem, har ni redan bestämt er att gå.

Stöd Artax Film och hoppas ni uppskattar det arbete Claudio Marino lagt ner på detta. Tyvärr kommer jag själv ej medverka pga diverse komplikationer som gjort att jag inte kan lämna det land jag för tillfället befinner mig i, men önskar er alla en givande afton.

Nov 21, 2017
"Gyllene Portarnas Bro" T-Shirt

Today the shipping of all FIENDE vinyls begins! And as the release of our tenth album draws near LEGIONS are issuing a special shirt design by Ogino Design influenced by the latest track premiere "Gyllene Portarnas Bro".

Order your copy here:

Nov 15, 2017
The Enemy Has Arrived!

The FIENDE vinyls have arrived and they look amazing! The Legions exclusive White Vinyl was sold out in a matter of hours, vut Legions were lucky and managed to get a small stock of extra copies on Black Vinyl so if you missed out, here is a final chance to grab a vinyl edition. You can choose between a normal and a signed version!

Also, LEGIONS are making their own version of the upcoming "X - Varg Utan Flock" on white double vinyl including a exclusive poster, limited to 237 copies only! Pre-order yours now to avoid missing out on this masterpiece.

Nov 5, 2017
X - Varg Utan Flock / Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Digibox edition with 'X - Varg Utan Flock' is now open for preorders. Thepack includes the CD with the PLACEBO cover "In the cold light of morning" and the GERARD MCMAHON cover "Cry Little Sister".
Also included is a carabiner key strap with embroidered SHINING logo and bottle opener + a metal pin with the SG symbol.

The box is also available SIGNED by Niklas Kvarforth and is limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.

Nov 1, 2017
X - Varg Utan Flock / Shining Legions Edition

LEGIONS are releasing an own version of the new album, limited to 237 copies only, on bone white coloured vinyl.

This edition comes with a free folded poster and logo sticker, which are only obtainable when ordering the album through our webshop

Note that when we announced the LEGIONS edition of the upcoming 10-inch EP "FIENDE" about a month ago, those were sold out in less than 20 hours. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you act immediately if you dont want to miss out on this decadent collectors edition, as the numbers are dwindling as we speak!

Both standard and signed copies available for pre-order NOW.

Nov 1, 2017
"X - Varg Utan Flock" Track Premiere & Pre-Order Starts!

Listen to the second track to be from the upcoming tenth album "X - Varg Utan Flock" here:

LEGIONS have also opened the pre-orders for all available formats and merch, including a own exclusive vinyl edition, and including signed versions. Check it out here:

"Gyllene Portarnas Bro" has been in the works since 1999 and is one of the calmer songs on the album. Built around three different parts, it was originally intended for the "Livets Ändhållplats" album. It was later reworked for "Redefining Darkness", but it isnt until now that the song finally started to make sense. Lyrically it speaks of the suduction of the human mind and spirit, the ultimate destruction of the life cycle of the one being seduced. Indeed this track sets the mood for the violent darkness that follows.

Oct 28, 2017
Cold Void - Second Teaser

Artax Films have put together a new teaser trailer for the upcoming arthouse documentary about Niklas Kvarforth and his lifelong battle with mental illness. You can view it here:

Also, as the release of the DVD edition draws near, LEGIONS can now announce that before we sent it off to production the decision was made to make a reversable cover, meaning you can not only display the DVD in your collection with the original artwork but also the more sinister one as shown here

Pre-order either standard or signed edition now!

Oct 15, 2017
Shining to destroy Tyrant Fest

Although we are currently rebuilding the band and preparing for the upcoming album, and everything that comes with that, our final appearance for 2017 will take place at Tyrant Fest in France. Benny will once again step in for Euge on guitars, and Kevin from Svart Crown will replace Byberg on drums. This will be the last show based on the setlist used during the past couple of years. The calm before the storm.

Tickets from

Oct 8, 2017
"Fiende" 10" Black Edition Available Now

After selling out of the limited white vinyl within 20 hours of release, Legions now have received some copies of the standard issue black 10" EP of "Jag Är Din Fiende" for sale - get yours before they are gone too.

Sep 27, 2017
"X - Varg Utan Flock" Release Date Revealed

We're happy to announce that our 10th album, "X - Varg Utan Flock", is now scheduled for release on January 5th.

The song "Jag Är Din Fiende" (which translates as "I Am Your Enemy") will also be released on the A-side of a 10" vinyl single that is entitled "Fiende" and slated to hit the shops on November 24th. The B-side contains a largely acoustic cover version of "No Rest For The Wicked", originally from Swedish rockabilly act THE COFFINSHAKERS.

"Jag Är Din Fiende" is now exclusively being streamed by the official media partners listed below:

Pre-Order Your Copy Now:

Sep 13, 2017
Get Fucked Up In Style

Legions are now able to bring you a set that includes the exclusive stainless steel flask engraved with the classic SG symbol along with a tap and two shot glasses.

The set comes in a black hardcover gift box.

Order yours today:

Sep 8, 2017
SG iPhone Cases

SG iPhone cases now shipping.

Also, some of you have been asking on the Shining flask Kvarforth had made for himself - we suggest you subscribe to the Legions newsletter to keep up to date on forthcoming new products.

Aug 30, 2017
Cold Void DVD

Earlier this year we announced the upcoming Niklas Kvarforth documentary directed by Claudio Marino and now we can announce that Shining Legions and Artax Films have begun production of the DVD which is set for release on December 7th.

There have been questions about the possibility of producing a DVD since we first announced the project, and we anticipate massive demand, which is why we have decided to start pre-sales today.

We suggest you order your copy straight away as we are currently only printing a limited run and you surely won't want to miss out on this fascinating film, which apart from the movie itself also includes three deleted scenes where Niklas talks about suicide, drugs and religion.

Both standard and signed editions are now available to pre-order from

Note that the DVD is in Swedish and comes with English, German, French and Spanish subtitles.

Aug 23, 2017
Official Shining Caps

Throughout our career people have asked for baseball caps and finally LEGIONS and AL CLOTHING have produced a limited (for now) run of high quality adjustable size caps with the SG symbol embroidered on the front.

Aug 21, 2017
Support The Enemy

As the release of our tenth album "X - Varg Utan Flock" draws near, ourselves and Ogino Design have decided to update the look of our website. Enter the asylum now.

Naturally, LEGIONS are also printing a new design in support of the darkness we will soon be unleashing upon you. Make a stand and order now!

Aug 1, 2017
Partnership with Al Clothing

Niklas Kvarforth and Shining have entered an official agreement with the Slovenian clothing company AL. based on the fact that Kvarforth is infamous for losing his belongings on every trip he's ever taken, and has already bought about 10 caps for various tours, the collaboration couldnt have come at a better time. We urge people to support them by paying a visit to

Seen here is Kvarforth and founder Luka Lipovec celebrating the alliance with a few fans.

Jul 4, 2017
"X - Varg Utan Flock"

We're happy to announce that we have finished recording our tenth studio album, "X – Varg Utan Flock" ("Wolf Without a Pack"), which will be released on Season of Mist.

Read More

May 4, 2017
"Cold Void" Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming documentary on Niklas Kvarforth by Claudio Marino for Artax Film.

Apr 18, 2017
Propaganda Manual

Finally, the new When Prozac No Longer Helps HARDCOVER edition is available for Pre-Order! Both standard and bloodsoaked versions available. Every Pre-Order is awarded with an exclusive patch.

Order your copy NOW

Apr 11, 2017
Kvarforth Documentary

Artax Film are currently in post-production on a documentary dissecting the mind of Niklas Kvarforth, digging deep into the truths about the artist's mental illness and similar subjects.

Check for updates!

Mar 22, 2017
Shining to return to North America

Shining to return to North America this Spring.

See full dates from Ceremonies now!

Ticket info to come soon.


Jan 19, 2017
Shining to headline Diabolica Sonis Festival

Shining will headline the Diabolica Sonis Festival in Amsteleveen on Saturday 11 Feb.

See further information here.

Jan 14, 2017
Nihil Arises!

Shining Legions co-founder Nelli Ahvenlahti have started a new company that produces and sells merchandise made by herself and not connected to the band, but also several Shining items not, for various reasons, sold through our own shop, and instead exclusively licensed to Nihil and therefore ONLY available there.

Do like us and show your support today!

Nov 28, 2016
Live Album

As the year comes to an end and we are heading out on the final celebration of our 20th anniversary, we have decided to finally, after years of failed attempts, to record a live album. We will therefore record all shows on the upcoming tour with Taake. See you soon...

Nov 11, 2016
Interview with ViaOmega Magazine

Interview with Niklas Kvarforth in ViaOmega Magazine available now.

Cover photo of Niklas by Haste Malaise Photography.

Sep 12, 2016
Line-up Complete

It is with pride we hereby announce that Marcus Hammarström has been initiated as a full member of the band.

And to those who have already witnessed his malevolent presence on stage know we have finally found a truly worthy bassist for Shining.

Photo: catteo09

Jun 15, 2016
Webshop Re-opened!

Shining Legions has now completed their warehouse move - all items have been restocked, and all orders now come with tracking for your convenience.

Go to to check out the whole selection - all who order now get a free Shining patch and button as long as stocks last!

May 25, 2016
European Tour 2016

As part of our 20 year anniversary celebration, we are to embark on a European tour in December with the support of our brothers TAAKE.

Some dates have been revealed already but more to come, so make sure to frequently visit the ceremonies section for updates.

May 17, 2016
Byberg Returns

It is with great pleasure we now announce that Jarle Byberg returns and is now officially our permanent drummer. Byberg have been working on and off with SHINING since 2007 and performed with us last time on our debut Canadian last year.

Photo by Sunvemetal; taken in Oslo, Fri 13 May.

Apr 29, 2016
Line-up Modifications

Christian Larsson and Rainer Tuomikanto are no longer members of SHINING. We thank them for their years of dedication and hard work. This decision will however NOT affect any of our upcoming ceremonies as both have already been replaced.

Apr 27, 2016
North America Tour 2016

During August and September, we will embark on our first tour on US soil together with BELPHEGOR. Cities and venues will be announced in the next couple of weeks, so make sure you check the website frequently and subscribe to the events on Facebook in order to stay fully updated and not miss out on this delightfully sinister coming!

Mar 29, 2016
US Legions

In July, SHINING will make their first-ever appearance on US soil, headlining the ANTICOSMIC MUSIC FEST which takes place on the 22nd and 23rd July at the Fete Music Hall in Rhode Island, New England. Needless to say, attendance is obligatory! Contact Wordbearers Productions for more information and tickets.

Mar 21, 2016
Fall of Summer 2016

On this years edition of the FALL OF SUMMER FESTIVAL (and a few other festivals which have yet to be announce), SHINING will perform a special 20-year anniversary set that will include several songs from both earlier and later albums, and which have never been performed live until now! Be there...

Mar 14, 2016
Spinefarm Re-issues

Finally, we have come to an agreement with SHINING's former record label Spinefarm Records to re-release the albums that originally appeared on the label. “VII / Född Förlorare” and the “Lots Of Girls Gonna Get Hurt” EP will both be released on CD & limited VINYL editions, with one additional bonus track each on the latter. “Redefining Darkness” will be released in both deluxe DIGIPAK and VINYL editions.

All versions as well as new merchandise and bundles can be PRE-ORDERED from LEGIONS now, be sure to act quickly to not miss out on any of the limited ones.

Mar 1, 2016
"When Prozac No Longer Helps" Blood Edition

The Blood Edition of WHEN PROZAC NO LONGER HELPS is being prepared. Get yours while they are still available.

Order your copy now from here

Feb 1, 2016
The Celebration Continues

As the demand for the 20 Year Anniversary T-shirt have been so unexpectedly high, LEGIONS have now printed zip-hoodies as well. Also, several new patches, back-patches and flags have been added to the store.

Support the downfall of man and purchase merchandise directly from LEGIONS!

Jan 28, 2016
Confirmed For Brutal Assault

Shining have been announced to appear on this years edition of the Brutal Assault Festival held during August in Czech Republic.

Jan 19, 2016
Viva Le Prozac

The disease is spreading at an alarming speed. Not only is the third edition of WHEN PROZAC NO LONGER HELPS soon available in all its blood-soaked glory through the Shining Legions web-shop, but a French version is now also available, translated by Nico Claux, and released by the CAMION NOIR publishing house.

Jan 4, 2016
Celebrate Death!

20 years have passed since this sick child of ours was brought to “life”, and, because of this, we are currently preparing an Anniversary Ceremony which will be held at selected venues all over the world throughout the whole of 2016.

Meanwhile, long-standing visual collaborator Erik Danielsson has spewed forth a few new shirt designs to celebrate this awful event. The “20 Years Of Death” t-shirts can be ordered now from our Webshop!

Dec 28, 2015
"When Prozac No Longer Helps" 3rd Edition

Finally, the third edition of Niklas Kvarforth 's WHEN PROZAC NO LONGER HELPS is now available to pre-order at the Legions webshop. Apart from a new introduction additional content includes translations of all lyrics featured on the “Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” album. The book is also available in a limited edition version hand-numbered in the author's own blood.

Order your copy now from here

Nov 24, 2015
I/II/V/VI Tapes Available Now

Now, our albums I, II, V and VI are available on tapes via Shining Legions, strictly limited to 100 copies each in courtesy of Never Dead.

Make sure to grab a copy while stocks last.

Nov 23, 2015
Spain Cancelled

Unfortunately due to logistical problems we have had to cancel the Spanish leg of the tour.

However, it WILL be rescheduled in 2016 instead, more news on exact dates will follow. To those who have bought tickets, you need to contact your point of sale for a refund.

Oct 30, 2015
New Booking Agency

As our 20-year anniversary is approaching so is the necessity for change.

We are pleased to inform you that we have joined forces with RTN-touring, who from hereon will take care of our upcoming ceremonial work.

View contact section for more information.

Aug 19, 2015
European Tour Dates 2015

We have now completed booking European dates for the rest of this year. We will visit a total of nine countries in support of the ninth full-length album “IX / Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends”.

A special double gatefold edition of the album, in black and white marble vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies, will be available for sale exclusively on the tour.

Aug 12, 2015
Shining IX Tour Edition

We have decided to manufacture a special version of our new album “IX / Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends”, which will be sold exclusively at our upcoming ceremonies. The gatefold double LP comes on black/white marbled vinyl and is strictly limited to 300 copies. No reservations possible, can only be bought at the actual shows.

Jul 30, 2015
Mexico Shows Cancelled

Unfortunately, LEGION PRODS have decided to cancel the Mexican leg of our upcoming tour.

This has already happened one time before, and now, after the second cancellation, which according to LEGION PRODS had to be done because of logistical reasons, we will not return in the nearest future.

LEGION PRODS suggested to move the dates to January but we have no possibility of going to Mexico during that period and most likely not at all during 2016 as we have already scheduled several other ceremonies due to our upcoming 20-year anniversary.

Jun 25, 2015
French Shows Confirmed

Our loyal legions of France: In support of the new album we have now added 8 dates to our upcoming tour to be held on French soil in September. Prepare for the return of the originators of Suicidal Black Metal!!!

Book your tickets now! And make sure to check our ceremony section frequently, as well as our Facebook page for any additional dates we might add.

May 27, 2015
Vilja & Dröm Video

We are proud to announce the release of our new video! Once again directed by our long-time collaborator Martin Strandberg, “Vilja & Dröm” is the first video showing Shining as a full band. Shot in Helsinki last year under surprisingly calm circumstances. Bring on the mushroom clouds!

View VILJA & DRÖM here and order official VILJA & DRÖM T-SHIRT here.

May 13, 2015
Spanish Shows Confirmed

The enemy have now confirmed no less than five ceremonies to be held on Spanish soil in December! All of our fans are demanded to attend these dates to celebrate the impending end of days…

Book your tickets now! And make sure to check our ceremony section frequently, as well as our Facebook page for any additional dates we might add.

May 7, 2015
Mexican Shows Confirmed

It’s far overdue, but we can finally announce that Shining will be returning to Mexico in August for no less than four ceremonies! We urge our ever-growing legion to attend these special events no matter at what cost!

Book your tickets now! And make sure to check our ceremony section frequently, as well as our Facebook page for any additional dates we might add.

May 1, 2015
Italian Shows Confirmed

We have now added the Italian leg of our upcoming world crusade to the tour section. Three ceremonies will be held in support of our new album and these will be the only chance our Italian Legions will have to experience the beautiful horrors that we have in store for them.

Book your tickets now! And make sure to check our ceremony section frequently, as well as our Facebook page for any additional dates we might add.

Apr 30, 2015
Russian Shows Confirmed

We are proud to announce that our first ever live appearances on Russian soil will take place this winter! Two ceremonies will be held. One in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg. We urge our Russian legions to do whatever it takes to attend.

Book your tickets now! And make sure to check our ceremony section frequently, as well as our Facebook page for any additional dates we might add.

Apr 24, 2015
Benelux Shows Confirmed

We have now added two additional ceremonies to our upcoming world crusade. One in BELGIUM and one in NETHERLANDS. Our local Legions are required to be present at all costs!

Book your tickets now! And make sure to check our ceremony section frequently, as well as our Facebook page for any additional dates we might add.

Apr 20, 2015
German Shows Confirmed

As announced earlier this year, Shining will tour in support of our new album a bit differently than before. What does this mean?  It means smaller tours instead of a big long one. We will therefore announce territories one by one, as soon as they are confirmed. First announcement is about the seven ceremonies to be held in Germany.

Book your tickets now! And make sure to check our ceremony section frequently, as well as our Facebook page for any additional dates we might add.

Apr 14, 2015
Album Streaming

Six days from now, the world will behold the beauty and the horror that is our ninth album! Thanks to a few of our allied partners, you are now able to stream the album in full! Remember... Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, ENDS!


Mar 26, 2015
New Song: Framtidsutsikter

The third and final track to be revealed before the release of the new album “IX / Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” is now being streamed via several partners throughout the web.

In related news, all vinyl editions as well as the limited BOXSET carried by Legions are now sold out, however, after weeks of nagging, they are now offering a signed edition of the CD for those who missed out on the exclusive versions.

Listen to Framtidsutsikter here and Pre-Order NOW here.

Mar 4, 2015
New Song: Besök Från I(ho)nom

A second track from the upcoming “IX / Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” album is now being streamed for your inconvenience.

You can pre-order the album on both CD and DLP. The exclusive Legions vinyls are sold out and the BOXSET version with bonus tracks is nearly gone too, so make sure to order yours before its too late.

Listen to Besök Från I(ho)nom here and Pre-order NOW here.

Feb 26, 2015
Duisternis Op Komst

First show on Dutch soil in support of the coming album has now been announced. Shining will bring darkness upon Dokkem Open Air on the 19th of June. Keep watching our tour-section for several other announcements to be revealed in the near future.

Feb 4, 2015
New Song: Vilja & Dröm

The time has come to share a little bit of the darkness that will infect earths population in a few months. The song chosen for this specific event is called “Vilja & Dröm”.

You are now able to pre-order the album on CD, DLP (one colour exclusively for Legions) and BOXSET including Digipak with two bonus tracks as well as some other inappropriate content.

Listen to Vilja & Dröm here and Pre-order NOW here.

Jan 20, 2015
New Album Title Revealed

SHINING, the ninth, has been given the name of “IX / Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” and will hit the streets on the 20th April on Season of Mist. For once I am extremely pleased with how the album turned out and I believe that the fevered presence of filth and uncompromising darkness is more prominent than ever before.

Not only will our more recent fan-base “enjoy” the oppression contained therein, but I am also certain that those who stopped listening to SHINING after our fifth album will find the new one plague-ridden with what some might have felt was lacking on the more recent efforts… that atmosphere of old.

Jan 16, 2015
Shining Cassettes Out Soon

France's NEVER DEAD PRODUCTIONS are currently working on a schedule for the release of SHINING's entire catalogue on cassettes. Each albums will be strictly limited to 100 copies and will include pins, patches, stickers (depending on title). For updates on the process visit:

All cassettes will also be available through Legions.

Jan 6, 2015
New Music Video COMING SOON

During the bleak winter holidays, SHINING began shooting a video for a new track from the upcoming album.

Once again it is being directed by Martin Strandberg, however, it will be quite different from previous efforts. The video is being filmed in both Helsinki, Finland and Belgrade, Serbia.

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